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Anthony D Paul | User Experience Architect

My name is Anthony D Paul and I help digital brands build stronger, more meaningful customer relationships. I’m also told I'm a pretty fun guy.

What I Do
Design and development are my roots, but user experience is my passion and path.
Analysis and Recommendations

Analysis &

With senior experience across creative, technical, and strategic roles, in all phases of an interactive project lifecycle, I’m well-suited for producing on-point product and process recommendations—strengthening brand-audience relationships and minimizing administrative overhead.

Specification Documents


Following project initiation, my focus shifts to applying analysis learnings into build documents that prepare creative and technical teams for success without stifling innovation. Employing the light UX philosophy, I identify tools critical to explaining project-specific intricacies, tailored to the decision-makers and production team receiving them.

Concepts and Prototypes

Concepts &

With a design and development background, I don’t shy away from getting my hands dirty. Whether crafting a “sloppy” paper prototype, or committing proof-of-concept code to the repository, I work directly with creative and technical teams to support critical decision-making and advance toward client acceptance.

Quality Assurance


Throughout all phases of a project, and in key testing milestones, I monitor quality across design, experience, and technical implementation—balancing innovation with practicality. When executing test plans, I lean on my analysis experience to provide solutions to bugs, rather than red X’s.

Let's Connect


You'll find me out and about in the tech meetup scene across DC and Baltimore—say hello!