clean slate

~20190927~ after the initial excitement about the revival of, i am sobered up by the realization that i do not have the bandwidth for yet another 'thing'. so i'll pause my participation here for now, and hopefully return at a later time. Mostly Subjective is my occasionally-updated blog about tech and bikes and life. check it out.

~20190924~ happy birthday, my son!

~20190923~ back to work after two weeks off, spent on a different mind wavelength. possibly because of the break i'm surprisingly not drawn to Twitter as a source for industry news and gossip (which i have been for years), and not enticed to tweet thoughts or commentary or sarcastic quips. disgusted by politics, and muted or blocked all such talk accordingly.

~20190922~ finished a 57-mile bike ride (Twin Lights Ride, organized by Bike New York) at 4:10, an improvement of 12.7% over 2017.

~20190921~ feels great to "go back to the early days of the web". especially to the mindset of self-expression vs that of self-promotion that came later (for me, at least).

~20190917~ hacking this on an android emulator. back later on full keyboard.