Lost and Gone Forever


Artist: Guster

Released: September 28th, 1999

Music Style: Acousti-pop: Two guitars and ton of drums (bongos and congas that is)

My opinions: Well, Guster is one of my two favorite bands so I think you can guess how I feel about this. This cd is a masterpiece and could lead to HUGE things for these three boys. Everything about this album is great. From the melodies to the harmonies to the drums, you can't go wrong. Also, to see these guys live is an incredibly worthwhile experience. They will not do you wrong. If you are into any of the "Pop with and edge" bands (i.e., Ben Folds Five, Fountains of Wayne, etc.) then give this cd a spin.

Recommended Tracks: Barrel of a Gun (2), Fa Fa (4), All the Way Up to Heaven (7), and all the rest

Weblinks: , my page , (The Mezzanine) , The Guster FAQ@ , There ya go, there's some good sites. Enjoy playing on the web

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