Lynnfield Pioneers
Free Popcorn


Artist: Lynnfield Pioneers

Released: 5/18/99

Music Style: Imagine if hip hop crossed with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. If you don't know who JSBX is then imagine a G. Love-esque rap style layed over funky, soulful music.

My opinions: The first time I heard these guys was on Matador's 10th Anniversity cd set and I was blown away. They have created a sound that I feel is heavily underrepresented in today's music scene. The music allows you to kick back and groove to the tunes or turn it loud and rock out. It's the type of music you listen to and wish to God that you could see them live. To me this disc is something that everyone should hear, but not necessarily buy. If you are into JSBX, Delta 72 or the Make Up I recommend you go out and buy (or just listen) to this cd. I believe it is the bomb diggity.

Recommended Tracks: The Accolades (2), Free Popcorn (6), Astral Plane (1)

Weblinks: that's the best I can do for now...also, you can buy their two releases on matador at cdnow...

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