Diamonds: Are They Forever?

POINT: Diamonds are not Forever

No, nothing is forever except for time, space and God (if you believe in God). I learned that last year in my ILS 202 class. So whenever you see those Debeers commercials with the silhouttes and that music (deh duh deh duh, deh duh duh duh) telling you that diamonds are forever, don't believe them. In a very, very long time the diamonds will be gone. Sorry.

So guys, if and when you decide to propose that special girl, don't give her a ring with a diamond...promise your love for all eternity. Divorce sucks, people lose rings and the good ones cost more money than you can afford. Granted, she can't really show that off to all of her friends at work, but she will appreciate it in the long run. When you are 106 years old and celebrating your 80th wedding anniversary your wife will laugh at her friends who died early because they didn't have love on their side.

COUNTERPOINT: Diamonds are Forever

Get your fiance a big fat hunkin' diamond with little rubies around it and 48k gold band. She will love it and it will shut her up.


But be warned: five years from now she will ask you for a diamond bracelet to go with her ring and ten years form now she will ask for diamond earings and twenty years from now she will ask for a diamond necklace and....well, you get the point.

You make the choice.


Matt Jacobs
October 17th