So you want to know what is goin' on with Gusta', eh?
Well, look no further b/c I will tell you what I know.

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march SECOND

I haven't touched this page in a very very long time. Then today I recieved my webstats in the mail and I saw that I have gotten over 1000 hits in the last two months. I also am ranking 3rd on the webring I am on. So, I am trying to enlist some help. I need people to help me with this page. I am more than happy to do a page redesign but the maintainance is too much for me. I just don't have the time.

So if you want to help in any way, please email me. We all know there is a lack of good Guster pages online. I think we can change this if I can enlist some help. Shoot me an email and we'll do what we can.


This is where random things will go, like new pictures or other fun type stuff that I deem worthy of here.

september SEVENTH

Site is currently on HIATUS until furthur notice. It should be back up around mid-October, but I can't promise anything. I am working on a project at school that will be quite time consuming.


Bug Carson Daly Day announced! Check out the guster site's explanation here. Just click on the appropriate link.


New couple tour dates I stumbled upon thanks to viv. Chicago Motor Speedway and a date in colorado in july. See tour dates.


Guster was named best "local jam band" and their song Barrel of a Gun was named best "local song" by the Boston Phoenix. Hoorah hoorah! check it out at...


Long time no news...sorry. I should be better about this. Well, in case you don't know the boys are opening for Dave Matthews Band at the end of next month for three dates. Exciting eh? Their video has been debuted on MTV and is on VERY VERY low rotation on MTV2 and VH1 and on medium rotation on CMT (college music television). The Guster Rep Show is not set yet but rumors point to July 17th. RUMORS, but I hope they're true. This is my news for now.


OOOOooooh Boy, it's been a while. So the boys are on tour and there have been a few very important announcements:

1. Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilborn April 4th
2. There is a video for Fa Fa!
3. I have an mp3 of California Dreamin' from the Peoria Show up on my site.
4. A slew of tour dates to enjoy.


So, today I added more tour dates and one that is making me want to fly to Pennsylvania. A date with Ben Folds Five. I am going to cry, I think.

february TENTH

So I finally scanned this picture from Pollstar magazine that I was in. They did a thing on Woodstock '99 and I am in the picture...kinda. Check it out.

february EIGHTH

I just found this cool interview from Consumable Online that I put on my Shtuff page...go check it out! I also updated my tour dates. Yeah.

january EIGHTEENTH (back from break)

MORE tour dates and I added a great deal of info to all of the different dates...more helpful now. Guster's Conan performance was definitely entertaining. They performed Barrel of a Gun and I thought they looked great.