Humankind at its Worst


disclaimer: not funny. at all.
A girl is at a party with a bunch of her friends and their friends. She is talking to a bunch of guys and being a little flirty, like everyone is at a party.

One of the guys interprets this flirtiness as some kind of sign. Somehow, he interprets a flip of her hair or a bat of her eyelash or a slight bend of the waist as a reason for him to start being a lot more forward. The guy pokes her side or something and she laughs. She feels comfortable with the situation because these guys don't look dangerous. The other guys see her laughing and do the same. She laughs again and says, "stooOOop!" in that cute little way girls do. The first guy sees her smiling still so he lifts her shirt and pokes her. She pulls it down and says stop again,still smiling a little. He does it again.

He is smiling still. She holds it down and her smile shifts from playful to nervous. The boys don't notice, so they join in and start to overpower her. Her nervousness turns from smile to frown and her eyes widen in surprise. The boys eyes change too.

They have a look of extreme concentration and an unbelievable sense of confidence. They are fixed on the girl's body but not afraid to meet with her eyes. The guy feels powerful but has no idea nor care for what this girl is feeling. He is lost in the moment. She is no longer nervous, she is just scared. She gains her wits and screams and darts away. Her adrenaline is pumping but she certainly does not give a shit. She runs away.

The boys sit there stunned for a second until the first guy blinks hard and then laughs and says, "Wasn't that funny?"


Matty Jacobs
January 19th

Although I believe strongly in what I wrote, the whole site is not as aggressive. Not that that's good or bad, just be forewarned.