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Oct. 6, 2014


I think one of the rules of is that you have to write about Or, actually, you have to write about how you write about

I'm currently using vim to hand-write this. Since I haven't figured out yet how long I'm going to do this, I'm not going all-in with a design and whatnot. And the fact that I'm doing this all in vim means I'm not getting too elaborate with the DOM.

I might give emacs a try. Or even nano. Honestly, I don't really care. Again, low epectations. But, yeah. It's fun to have this space to write. And since I haven't linked to this page from anywhere, it's just for me. Or any other folks who've crawled the server for new pages.

I'm liking this experiment. Will keep at it.

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Realized this morning that yesterday's post, about having low expectations, had a typo IN THE TITLE. Yeesh. Fitting. Decided to leave it.

Thought I'd share my Top 10 12 songs from The Mountain Goats.

It's probable that I've missed a few.

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Oct. 5, 2014

Keep those epectations low

So, yeah. Not sure what I'll do with this, but I've wanted to throw stuff up without thinking too much about it, so maybe that's what this will be.

Had a good weekend. Went up to a long-running crawdad boil and softball game up near Petaluma on Saturday. Hadn't ever eaten crawdads before. Took a few to get the hang of it, but it was fun.

Also, somebody brought Purple Haze, which I haven't had since moving to California. I think I had three of them.

Sunday was good, too. We met up with some XOXO folks at the Off The Grid foodtruck thing at the Presidio. Erin organized it, and I got to meet some other folks. Ruthie came, too, and so Sarah and the girls got to meet her.

Lucy's baseball arm is pretty good. And Kate and Frances both have a terrific frisbee throw. I wonder for all three if we should find teams they can play with. But the commitment levels expected these days are just so high. Not sure that that makes sense.

Still, we'd like to encourage them in some way. Will keep thinking on it.

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