Resume of Chris Murray


First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit and read my resume; it is currently an ongoing work in progress. My name is Chris and I am seeking to make the jump from the industry I have worked in for over 2 decades, to the field of tech and IT. I understand this is a potentially difficuly feat, which is why I am working on my skills and knowledge in my free time. While I have a history of cooking, and to be honest, I am quite good at that, my interests have always lied in the digital realm. I have enjoyed using computers since childhood, when one exciting day in 1986 my parents surprised us with a Commodore 64. As a child I enjoyed learning Commodore BASIC, as well as playing many many games. Learning to use a holepunch to turn a cheap single-sided floppy into a double-sided disc, and to fill it with cracked software using Quick-Copy introduced me to just how capable computers could be when the user knew how they worked.

As time and technology marched forward, I found myself obsessed with the world of dial-up BBS's. I spent countless hours joinging in on coversations about bands I liked in FIDOnet and playing door games. I also enjoyed downloading the host software and learning the ins and outs of it, briefly hosting a part time board myself. I had the privledge of using the Internet early on, thanks to my mother's workplace at the McLaughlin Library at University of Guelph. This was in the days of USEnet, gopher, and Lynx. Later I would be a regular on many IRC channels and, like many people at the time, had my own Geocities and Angelfire pages. I studied programing at school at the time, but unfortunately I was young and found myself enjoying exporing the LAN more than focusing on coding. I didn't stick with it at the time.

Around 2012 I decided to try a Linux based OS, starting with Ubuntu. This changed everything for me. I rid myself of Windows, favouring the speed, stability, and customization that Linux distros offer. I also wasn't content to stay with the stock Ubuntu interface and be an average end-user. I forced myself to learn to do things the harder [or easier, if you ask me!] way. I liked that I was forced to learn more about how my OS works in order to get the most out of it, and to navigate problems when they arose. This is where the idea of getting into IT came back into my life, and what leads me here, telling you my story. I dream of a job where I can work with computers. I am currently taking a web development course in the hopes of making some of my living creating web pages for people or companies. I am also attempting to learn python. I hope to achieve a future as a sysadmin, support, cybersecurity, or penetration tester. I am willing to start where I can, as I am aware I have a lot to learn.

I shall continue now with my resume, keeping in mind my experience does not match my goals. It is with that in mind that I focus on transferable skills.

Employment History

Camp Conewango 2019-2020

Cook/General Labour

Cosmic Treats 2015-2019

Head Cook

Fresh on Eglinton 2015

Prep/Line Cook

Sadie's Diner 2014-2015


The Bristol Yard 2013-2014

Brunch Cook

Ein-Stein Cafe & Bierhalle 2006-2013

Kitchen Manager


Transferable Skills