Some books I've read, enjoyed, and would recommend.

Coders, the Making of a New Tribe.

A book on programmer culture over the years. The author knows how to code some, but is not a programmer by trade. There's discussion of programmer mental health, gender inequality, and social norms. The chapter 'The ENIAC girls' taught me that programming was originally a largely female profession. There is discussion of the bootcamp phenomenon.

The book made me think about the culture of the industry I work in. I recommended it.

More Happy Than Not

A queer love story with a surrealist twist. The first queer fiction I've sought out.

Goodbye, Things

One of my favorite books on minimalism. The author is open about his insecurities and the ways in which he would use things to compensate: abstruse books to seem literary, a big TV to seem like a film enthusiast.