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I probably get an email everyday asking how do I get the games to my calc... so Im gonna tell ya.  There are two ways to do this.  One is that you can type a BASIC game's code into your calculator.  The other way is to send programs directly from the computer to the calculator.  Here are the steps to each:

This way, you see the games source code, and you type it into the calculators program edit mode yourslef.  This only works with BASIC games though and not ASM games. So...

1)First you need to download a game (My games are Basic, so get one of them).  

2)Then you unzip it (Click here to get WinZip, if you dont have it already)

3)Then you need to download the GraphLink software to view the source code.

4)Then, using the Graphlink program, you Open the game (Games end with .83p or .83g extensions, .83g files have to be ungrouped first, go to Tools then Ungroup)

5)Now you see the games source code.  On your calculator press PRGM then go to the right to Edit, type in the name of the game, and then type in the entire source code.  Some games are very long, so this could take a while.  :o)

6)Some games may use Pic files (They end with .83i).  You have to draw these on your calc.  You cant view them with the Graphlink software, so you either need Iview to see what they look like or you can get the pics in .bmp format on my Games page, with the Text files.

7)If you cant get the Graphlink software to work, you can download the text versions of some of my games at my Games page.

USING THE GRAPHLIK CABLE TO SEND GAMES TO YOUR CALCULATOR:             The other way is to just send the games from your computer to your calculator by using the Graphlink cable.  This works with both Basic and ASM games   :o)  So....

1)First you need to get the Graphlink cable.  Your calculator doesnt come with it, so your gonna have to buy it from TI (Its around $40 I think), or you can get it from DimensionTI.

2)Then get the Graphlink Software (See above if you need it)

3)Goto Send, and select the what you want to send to the calculator.

4)Yay!  This is the only way to get ASM (fast, cool games) to your calculator

Well, thats all for now, goto my Programming page if you need help with creating your own games.