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  • 2017.12.11: began work on my github page as a place to experiment with web design.
  • 2017.12.9: accepted into Illinois Institute of Technology. Planning on studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • 2017.11.15: move website to pi server after web host begins misbehaving
  • 2017.9.5: convert pi server into a shadowsocks server so that my robotics team and I can use the real internet at school.
  • 2017.8.25: School blocks expressvpn, which I was paying $200/year for (2 subs, shared acct.)
  • 2017.8.7: began learing Chinese on GA Virtual School so I can communicate with internet friends.
  • 2017.7.6: made a raspberry pi home server running Arch Linux ARM. (for robotics chat bot, discord bot, and shadowsocks server)
  • 2017.6.23: began developing a Telegram bot (node.js) for my robotics team
  • 2017.6.11: registered cloudflare account, https enabled.
  • 2017.6.5: hosting provider changed service, minor changes
  • 2017.3.8: started working on robotics team's website with my programming team.
  • 2016.10.2: made a GitHub repo for this website so you can see my source.
  • 2016.8.20: got annoied by my website's obsoleteness. Spiced things up with some Serial Experiments lain themed content and some minor fixes.
  • 2016.8.1: School starts. 5 AP Classes. This is gonna be difficult.
  • 2016.6.19: went to GHP for software (and electrical) engineering.
  • 2016.6.5: began developing my own scripting language - YodaScript, while volunteering at a summer camp.
  • 2016.4.4: parents threw my workstation out of window because they didn't like my GF... (qwq)
  • 2016.2.13: Went public with my relationship to my GF.
  • 2016.1.1: Got addicted to C/C++/Arduino and put the website on the back-burner.
  • 2015.12.4: Moved website to my girlfriend's server.
  • 2015.11.20: 16th birthday.
  • 2015.9.2: Started work on a project for HealthIT.
  • 2015.8.5: Rebuilt homepage with new style (view old).
  • 2015.8.3: Began learning Spanish at school.
  • 2015.7.27: Built the operating systems page.
  • 2015.6.11: Built 3D modeling page.
  • 2015.6.5: Added a college page. But there's a trick :)
  • 2015.5.21: converted all calculators to JavaScript.
  • 2015.5.12: Added mobile support for iOS.
  • 2015.5.9: Built forge page. Adjustments to chatroom
  • 2015.5.5: rebuilt programming page to fit new style
  • 2015.4.20: registered new domain (old.dvtate.com) to replace dvtate.hostoi.com
  • 2015.4.12: Finished chatroom.
  • 2015.4.6: Began Work on chatroom, Favorite language changed to PHP
  • 2015.2.16: Installed Arch Linux for the first time.
  • 2015.2.13: Adjustments to page menu, fonts, style, drop-down menus, etc.(view old)
  • 2015.2.2: Rebuilt website homepage from scratch (view old).
  • 2015.1.20: Made a summations calculator, and a resistor color code calculator.
  • 2015.1.15: Started playing with Erlang.
  • 2014.11.20: My 15th birthday.
  • 2014.9.19: Built original programming page
  • 2014.9.5: Rebuilt tri.php to fit homepage style
  • 2014.8.27: Built original homepage.
  • 2014.7.1: Started playing with C# (within Unity)
  • 2014.6.30: converted tri.asp to oldtri.php
  • 2013.1: built first forge
  • 2012.11: began learning YA-BASIC as first programming language.
  • 2012.10: made earthquake machine 3000
  • 2012.4: first arduino (uno)
  • 2011.10: made earthquake machine 2000
  • 2010: began learning Danish online in freetime.

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Operating Systems

Lain Iwakura suggests Copland OS Enterprise.

Operating Systems

This is one of my better looking pages, mostly because it has pictures and more color than most of my other pages. I made an voting place, so make sure to pick your favorite operating systems. My plan for this page, or really this category of pages, is to provide a resource for anyone who plans to try the operating system. I plan to make the article similar in design and behavior to a wikipedia article. Because I'm not perfect, I plan to make a comments area below each article so that people can give me recommendations.

Recent recommendation:

Lain Iwakura suggests Copland OS Enterprise.

About This Website

A short story about how this website came to be

About this Website

In the spring of 2014, I created a program in VBScript which finds the area between any 3 coordinates. Most of the kids in my math class wanted a copy of it. I attempted to send it via email, but Gmail wouldn't let me send it. So I converted it to ASP, ASP.NET, and finally PHP (I had never heard of JavaScript). This was my first addition to this website. You can still visit it here (or here for the original prototype). I continued to add more pages for all of my hobbies. I ended up geting a free domain for my website, and have continued adding pages.

Favorite Linux Distro

Right now I'm into Arch Linux

My first 3 attempts at Arch Linux were learning experiences, but I have gotten good enough to use it as an everyday operating system. What I love about Arch is you can make it into whatever you want. Also Arch is a rolling-release distro, so unlike Debian, I don't have to start over every 4 years. Also, Arch Linux has some of the newest software out there, and great tools for building and installing from it's massive selection of third party software in the AUR (The Arch User Repository).

My Scripting Language

Double-click to read more.


YodaScript has been a pet project of mine since June of 2016. It is a postfix, stack-based, and turing-complete language which interprets program files on the fly and doesn't utilize a preprocessor or AST. It supports a variety of programming paradigms with more coming. I will continue to add more features to the langauge in my freetime and hope it will eventually become something valuable.