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What we do:

Modern care-seekers have been turning to the internet in search for diagnoses and possible treatment options. This seems like a fairly strait-forward idea but there are very few options available for patients to connect to medical personnel. Our website connects these patients to doctors who support Telehealth communications and can fit their needs. There are two options: free and paid. The free option is for people in need of a simple diagnosis or for people who are looking for volunteer doctors or medical students. The paid option is for people looking for doctors who value their time and can give useful information at a cost. These options are what people need when searching for medical assistance online. Comments on doctor profile pages allow for previous or current patients to rate the services and give their thoughts on how the doctor was able to provide information effectively or not. This comment system encourages the doctors to provide quality services to his/her patients consistently.

Our website effectively connects patients in need of medical assistance to doctors willing to accept these patients. It encourages professional conduct be used and gives other options if a patient's current doctor isn't meeting their needs.

About this website:

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Meet the developers:

Dustin Van Tate Testa (Tate)

HTML, PHP, JavaScript, framework developer.

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Hunter Fleenor

Writer, content-designer, tester.

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