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How I chose

This page doesn't give a uniform result about which college I want to attend. This page first gets your location, and picks a college I've chosen for your location. The default is Georgia tech. If you're in New England (USA), you should see MIT, if you are in Europe, you should see DTU, if you are on the gulf coast (Alabama through Louisiana), you should see Auburn, if you are near the west coast, you should see CalTech. If you are anywhere else, Georgia tech should appear. Because Google's geolocation API isn't perfect the map below will show you where my page thinks you are and not your exact location.

Colleges I want to go to (2017):

  1. GaTech: If I can get into this school, it's probably my best option.
  2. IIT: It's a good science and engineering School in Chicago seems nice.
  3. University of Minnesota: it has such a massive selection of courses, definitely a quality education.
  4. DTU: I've always wanted to go to Denmark (Danish is my second language), and going to school there would be a dream.
  5. SPSU/KSU: Although their campus is almost entirely male, they have good programs for what I'm interested in.
  6. MIT, CalTech: LOL like I could actually get into either of these schools

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