Animation Sketches

See the progression of animation sketches that led up to the completion of the golfball-swirling-around-Michael's-head sequence!
Michael's actions were filmed against a green screen which could be taken out during the animation process and replaced with a painted or animated background. This still taken from the footage of Michael is called the "photo roto." The dots visible behind his head are used by the computer artists for tracking purposes.Jordan on green screen
Animators draw a rough animation of the flying golfballs.Rough golf ball animation
Rough sketches of the golfballs' shadows are also created, to give dimensionality to the golfballs.Rough shadow animation
Clean-up animation of the golfballs...Cleaned-up golf ball animation
...and the shadows are drawn.Cleaned-up shadow animation
The final sketches are digitally painted and composited with the background painting. These elements are composited with the shot of Michael to create the final image.Final shot

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