Who am I?

It is usually difficult to provide some information about oneself, but I'll try to do so now.

I am a 40yr old guy from Germany (so excuse me if my english should not always be such correct) using computers since his confirmation back in 1993. Back then, I got a 486DX40 as a gift. As Operating Systems, this machine used DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1.

So I am familiar with using the Microsoft Windows Version History since Windows 3.1 up to Windows XP. As Microsoft intended to drop Support for Windows XP, it was my wakeup call to look for alternatives, since I didn't even like Vista nor Windows 7 at all, so I switched to Debian GNU/Linux, Version "Wheezy" back in those times.

During my time using Windows, I didn't consider that I'll ever be involved in even using stuff like "Free Software", but times are changing, right? Nowadays I don't even bother with proprietary stuff anymore, so don't be confused if this should be the only part of this webpage is the only area where proprietary stuff will ever be mentioned.

The only programming languages that I used during my "computer using time" are BASIC, PHP and a tiny little bit of Python, but I am excited to learn some new stuff related to programming and developing Software, since I want to give something useful back to the Free Software - Pool. :-)

For contacting me using email, you can use this public GPG-key.