Hormozthe h.256 one seems to contain less grain20:32
Hormozbut also seems to lack detail a bit compared to the h.254 one20:32
begna112That's pretty typical20:34
begna112Considering most x265 encoders are going for small size20:34
begna112And don't know what they're doing20:34
Hormozwell, the encoder is the same in this case i think20:36
LightArrowsEXEYeah, most h265 encodes are gonna look like crap20:41
LightArrowsEXE... just like most h264 encodes do (which people conveniently forget)20:42
re: the h.256 one seems to contain less grain
ZahuczkyBut that grain hides banding.20:42
LightArrowsEXEIt's all about the user, how adept they are at encoding, and what their goals are (transparency vs. filesavings)20:42
LightArrowsEXEBoth encoders are actually really good (yes, x265 can even be really good at preserving grain if you have any idea what you're doing)20:43
Nala_Alani checked20:43
Nala_Alanthe hevc one is LowPower-Raws20:43
LightArrowsEXEx264 is simply much easier to tweak an get good results with, and x265 has the disadvantage of people believing HEVC's a magic bullet that makes everything smaller because they simply don't know any better.20:43
Nala_Alanoddly the hevc one came after the x264 one20:43
LightArrowsEXEBut if you actually properly test with both, you find both are plenty capable at encoding if you put in the effort to learn them20:44
LightArrowsEXE(and from my experience, x265 typically beats out x264 even at transparency levels, with certain sources being exceptions depending on the kind of grain (not just grain being there). At the same time though, the difference is not always that large, and x265 is significantly slower and harder to learn, so I can't blame any encoders for explicitly sticking with x264)20:45
LightArrowsEXEAnyway, people are dumb and stubbornly stick to their mindsets, and are also often unwilling to break out of those. More news at 11.20:46
ZahuczkybUt judAs iS usiNg hEVC AND ItS ReALly GOOD20:47
LightArrowsEXEUnironically, for what their goal is, Judas can be pretty good20:48
LightArrowsEXEBut only when EoE is encoding and he puts in effort20:48
LightArrowsEXEThey're at least by far the least bad mini-encoding group around, I guess20:48
LightArrowsEXEWhich is something20:48
ZahuczkyI'm more sensitive so subtitle quality anyways, so I do grab 4-500mb BD encodes sometimes.20:49
LightArrowsEXEIf more of their people filtered with filesize savings in mind, and encoded with the goal of not reintroducing compression artefacts, they would undeniably be the best mini-encoding group in the scene20:50
ZahuczkyAnd while I do notice bad banding and other imperfections sometimes, it's usually good enough for me.20:50
LightArrowsEXEBut right now most of their members do neither20:50
LightArrowsEXEIt's crazy, it's very much possible to filter with low filesizes in mind (specifically, selectively destroying detail and whatnot), and to then encode that with good settings and still get a small filesize20:50
LightArrowsEXEBut most mini-encoders are like "herp derp lemme just stick this in x265, my Pangea of filesize woes! What do you mean, half the wall has been blurred away and now has heavy banding and looks like shit? Not my problem! It's smaller! See!"20:51
LightArrowsEXEAbsolute bellends20:51
ZahuczkyIn my most honest opinion, the only kind of mini encodes that have any kind of reason to exist are these>
ZahuczkyBecause like, that's a legit use case.20:52
LightArrowsEXEWow, surprised he's still going20:53
ZahuczkyBut like, 600MB/1GB are basically in the same ballpark.20:53
LightArrowsEXEimo the best use-case for mini-encodes20:53
LightArrowsEXEare probably the kind deadfish used to be20:54
LightArrowsEXEHardsubbed with the best fansubs with size in mind, as well as being able to be played back everywhere20:54
ZahuczkyAh yes. I miss hardsub encoders.20:54
LightArrowsEXEIf you really want to extend your reach20:54
LightArrowsEXE(because I highly doubt most people who settle with mini-encodes really care that it's softsubbed)20:54
LightArrowsEXE(and it seems to sometimes cause more issues, rather)20:54
LightArrowsEXE(with people not knowing why they can't see subs often in their server lol)20:55
ZahuczkyWell, mobile players matured a lot in the past years, so I guess it's becoming less of a problem tho.20:55
LightArrowsEXEOnly drawback is that you can no longer do multi-subs with that setup20:55
LightArrowsEXEWhich does kinda suck20:55
ZahuczkyNot like most mini encoders do that anyway.20:55
LightArrowsEXEJudas does20:55
LightArrowsEXEEMBER does20:55
ZahuczkyBy most, I mean the 20 other randos.20:57
SfaFreakBut think of all the kilobytes of storage you'd use doing multisubs20:58

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