A helpless person waiting to be saved

I live in Turkey and I'm unemployed.

Why am I writing this here? because I know there are optimistic people somewhere. Please let me tell you about myself.

At the age of 10, my father picked me up from school and told me to get a job to bring home money, otherwise not come home.

This is my luck. I am a high school graduate, I always dreamed of being a software developer in my life. I came tired from work and spent the rest of my time learning software. I'm learning software for 3-4 years

Some of the software languages ​​and frameworks I learned during this time; JavaScript, ReactJS, Nodejs & ExpressJS, PHP, CodeIgniter linux, arch linux, python(not full)

Sass, Bootsrap etc..

I can't find a job in my country, there is an excellent community here. You are all great people, you should be proud of yourself. I'm 25 now and my family doesn't want it at home anymore, maybe I'm leaving a few channels of communication for great people who want to get hold of a young man like me.

My email: geny3@pm.me

my riot account: @geny3:matrix.org