Shellbound archive ( October 2019 )

2019-10-31 -- Halloween

Enjoy your spirits!

2019-10-30 -- Still trying to roll years

Format of year archive page taking me for loops.

2019-10-29 -- Design time

Working on design for content for archive pages.

2019-10-28 -- Halloweek

The candy rush begins.

2019-10-27 -- Expanded pre-written

Using expanded entry written yesterday.


2019-10-26 -- Prefeeding expanded entries

Updating scripts for pre-writes so when current entry gets made it will include link to that day target expanded entry.


2019-10-25 -- Autumn rolling in

Days feeling cooler puts me in high spirits.

2019-10-24 -- Older than Everyday

While making entries every day, current entries get cleared easily. Skip a day, need a better check.

2019-10-23 -- Working with css and outlines

Defined four levels of outline style:


2019-10-22 -- Autumn morning rain

Almost as regular as summer afternoons.

2019-10-21 -- Second trial run

Another entry with expanded entry.


2019-10-20 -- Here we go

trying new script (4).


2019-10-19 -- Technically Here

Stopped by. Wrote something. Left.

2019-10-18 -- Satisfied

Close to finishing entry automation with a few touch-ups to go.

2019-10-17 -- ugh Special Characters

Basic stripping of special characters from input. That.

2019-10-16 -- Tightening Code

Getting a lot of great ideas from a few books. They offer many fixes to long-time work-arounds.

2019-10-15 -- Adding the S

https should work

2019-10-14 -- regex

Getting schooled by regular expressions.

2019-10-13 -- Ring Hits

About two-thirds of the web ring tries have hit sites. And of those, half have sent me down rabbit holes of interest.

2019-10-12 -- Coarse Ground

Giving some time to ideas, letting them steep.

2019-10-11 -- El Camino

Looks like time to do a full re-watch of all of Breaking Bad.

2019-10-10 -- Just show up

even if you only write one line

2019-10-09 -- Made plan and filled project

Re - finger file updates and initialization

2019-10-08 -- Consuming UNIX Powertools

like candy

2019-10-07 -- Mindless Mornings

Good to have a script do the heavy lifting when you have sleepless nights.

2019-10-06 -- Bread day

Baking a few loaves of bread today, which will soak my time.

2019-10-05 -- Started looking into gopher

Then got lost in many fonts available for figlet.

2019-10-04 -- Extend

Adding an entry extender for supplementing these usually one line entries.


2019-10-03 -- basic scripts

Have a daily edit and 'create working files' set of scripts. Then one to publish. No good correction or 'one off' jumps.

2019-10-02 -- Fun of Date-Time

Working with date functions to correct many of my static page problems.

2019-10-01 -- mmmMonth Changes

Good time to update commands for date change from one month to another.

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