Shellbound archive ( November 2019 )

2019-11-30 -- Farewell, November

another month passes

2019-11-29 -- Good Eats Good Fun

Spent the day cooking, playing games, and feeling satisfied.

2019-11-28 -- Long morning

I have pressed myself into this small corner of time.

2019-11-27 -- Layering

for keeping heat up close and personal

2019-11-26 -- Medical elections

how-to squeeze out all hope before December arrives.

2019-11-25 -- Tap tap tap

Not thinking of anything to write here.

2019-11-24 -- No coffee headache

By allowing myself to sleep-in on weekends, my extended rest usually ends with "hey, you haven't had coffee yet" small headache. Brewing now.

2019-11-23 -- Small obsession

for preserving creation dates.

2019-11-22 -- Cleanup difficult

Avoid making junk in the first place. ugh.

2019-11-21 -- End of month

Okay, Time, we get it.

2019-11-20 -- Too many distractions

keep pulling me this way and that

2019-11-19 -- Still adjusting

No major breakthrough. Push on. Push.

2019-11-18 -- Back and forth of code

Structure changes affect some foundation destination settings.

2019-11-17 -- Deciding on another structure change

keeping yearly archives closer to public_html

2019-11-16 -- Comfy Coat Weather

Cold enough it feels fine wearing semi-heavy outerwear -- no gloves required.

2019-11-15 -- Cold rain

not yet freezing

2019-11-14 -- Neverending refinement

Learn something new and it sends you on a quest to go back and fix all ugly code.

2019-11-13 -- Refreshing small directory of archive

Pruning completed on archive directory and locally stored. Feels like a shower.

2019-11-12 -- Need to pare archives

down to a few recent versions.

2019-11-11 -- Back on Schedule

Normal post-illness life today. Even worked out a quick code for checking MOTD changes.


2019-11-10 -- Chatty device storm

Had a rare experience of chasing a local DoS on my network switch.


2019-11-09 -- breadcrumbs

usually these show up as a series of links on current page showing your where-you-have-navigated-ON-THIS-SITE path, which the site supplies


2019-11-08 -- cat navigation

Learned a way to navigate known structure files for unknown content using head and tail in sequence from ~mz721 grabbing titles in web page automation.

2019-11-07 -- Breakdown

Song four from I Robot by The Alan Parsons Project


2019-11-06 -- Coffee

After five days of illness-bound tea drinking, I feel well enough for some coffee.


2019-11-05 -- Fixed pihole

The old device runs well for a solid 60 days, then loses two days in a crash. Regular reboot in order.

2019-11-04 -- Strange delays

Suffering timeouts and non-resolves for many sites. My end for sure.

2019-11-03 -- Wasted days

while wasting in fever

2019-11-02 -- mid recovery

mostly coughing

2019-11-01 -- Sinus and throat

under the weather

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