Shellbound archive ( December 2019 )

2019-12-31 -- Last of 2019


2019-12-30 -- Two Days

to 2020. Not full days, six hours into this one. Pressure.

2019-12-29 -- Enjoyed

Good time spending time on #club for IRC Party last eve.

2019-12-28 -- IRC Party

Tildeverse list link of announcement.

2019-12-27 -- Top Eight

near-daily visits


2019-12-26 -- post prep

after before

2019-12-25 -- source

basic built-in bash function overlooked far too long -- fit for config file loading

2019-12-24 -- Changing logs for scripts

Previously direct output, shifting to logfiles for quiet or less noisy operation.

2019-12-23 -- Eve Eve Overnight

ouch! that last coffee

2019-12-22 -- Relearning IRC

the whole web 2.0+ messed me up, riding a bicycle and all that

2019-12-21 -- Okay Saturday


2019-12-20 -- mmm Friday

take a break

2019-12-19 -- Hold

Two articles until backlog clears. Power Move

2019-12-18 -- The Far Side meets Internet

Yesterday it thawed from a freeze.

2019-12-17 -- Most Freedom

an opening

2019-12-16 -- Ten Days

of Boxes

2019-12-15 -- Last half of last month of last year

of a decade. Not technically, but popularly.

2019-12-14 -- Blank

yet present

2019-12-13 -- Ten Eastern


2019-12-12 -- Single warm day

A warm patch of weather in an otherwise cold series of autumn days.

2019-12-11 -- Alpine Mysteries

Having used Alpine or its ilk, Pine, in some measure since joining Internet by various access, using its basic functions comes back easily each time.


2019-12-10 -- Troubleshooting Time Machine

Watched a few hours disappear while fighting bugs. My little reminder bells kept chiming in rapid succession, ringing their tasks upon busy ears.

2019-12-09 -- Temp file inspiration

Where edit mode does not have to work on origin file.

2019-12-08 -- WWW #1

Decided to use Weekly Webpage Workshop #1 target as css experiments page. Keeps it fresh.

2019-12-07 -- Messing around with old code acts like coffee

Especially using it to do something long desired or necessary.

2019-12-06 -- Checks and Pushes

I tend to take my internet by checks -- open an app or load a site -- rather than have notifications pushed [on]to my attention as interruptions.

2019-12-05 -- Sometimes Meta

Referring, or self-referring to this blog, most-times ... or not.

2019-12-04 -- All December

Page one rolls its last November entry off.

2019-12-03 -- coffee

thank you

2019-12-02 -- Back to bustle

as usual on Monday

2019-12-01 -- Recovered from disconnect

found a session left behind

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