Shellbound archive ( March 2020 )

2020-03-31 -- Rewatching BSG (2004)

it holds up, espeicially introductory mini-series.

2020-03-30 -- Simulating the epidemic

many scenario math probability manipulations with visual models. [source youtube]

2020-03-29 -- Only thing keeping me aware of days

with sleep on a weird rotation. How about those "abandoned" city (ex. Chicago) videos.

2020-03-28 -- Hang in there, you opt-in isolationists of the best kind!

just one long wait to clear

2020-03-27 -- NYT Page One

(in print) wow

2020-03-26 -- Official Stay At Home

issued by my county today - so late

2020-03-25 -- CTRL-O

excute history at this point

2020-03-24 -- Reading -- When did COVID-19 get real for you? on reddit

many hit home

2020-03-23 -- Cyclling Sleep Cycle

yep, up all night. lunch set for morning. dinner at noon. ugh.

2020-03-22 -- Empty Shelf Life

some showrunner thinking

2020-03-21 -- Restructured Economy

as people discover how well their wares hold and what essential means in practice.

2020-03-20 -- Spring

as tilt would have it.

2020-03-19 -- Birdsong

starts about an hour before sunrise around here

2020-03-18 -- Fog

light, but sound dampening this morning. Still.

2020-03-17 -- Abroad Games

this social distancing would offer a great time for board games as we wait this out, except that brings us together, defeating its purpose.


2020-03-16 -- Dry Eye

or scratched. Irritated.

2020-03-15 -- Why Soap Works - metafilter thread

for when you wash your hands.

2020-03-14 -- 3.14159

one slice

2020-03-13 -- S.T.F.H.

prevent the spread

2020-03-12 -- 1-5 days and 2 weeks

numbers the times of avoidance; no symptoms for the former and full course for the latter.

2020-03-11 -- Breadboard Computer

Using basic integrated chips, Ben Eater constructs an 8-bit computer in a series of YT videos.

2020-03-10 -- Wash Your Lyrics

deserves some use during COVID-19 spread.

2020-03-09 -- Last of the Cool Dark Mondays

Mid-March by next one

2020-03-08 -- The Dead End

Projects which point you to FaceBook for community or communication offer no paths to freedom. Their growth stunts there.

2020-03-07 -- T.O.P.

today, a few minutes ago, The Odin Project hit my broadside. Possibly referred to as OP? How many times have I seen that abbreviation and passed it by?

2020-03-06 -- Love is Where You Find It

B Side of Baby Come Back

2020-03-05 -- Let the isolation begin

how long can one go

2020-03-04 -- CC

Climate Compensation; Calculable Consideration; Committed Correction

2020-03-03 -- App or VM

and do VMs count as apps, a question

2020-03-02 -- New Tools

keep finding them and uses for them but mixed wishes on wanting them as one package instead of single use

2020-03-01 -- This Winter Month

always strikes me as strange

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