Shellbound archive ( April 2020 )

2020-04-29 -- Fresh Ears of Corn

brings back cook-out memories of youth.

2020-04-28 -- Deer Night Drive

Late, at a stretch of road with undeveloped land, they watched and signaled their mob, even on my return route a few moments later.

2020-04-27 -- Daily Identity

Feeling a different day during the day, if only for a moment, then realizing what made it feel that way. Spacing of isolation or wishful.

2020-04-26 -- Quiet Morning

seasoned with birdsong

2020-04-25 -- A good walk in Japan

Walk With Me gleaned from mefi

2020-04-24 -- Warm Front

Early morning heat with Sun still hiding.

2020-04-23 -- Relieved that a batch of missing ingredients chili

turned out quite good. Namely, jalapno peppers and bell peppers. (did have seasoning spices)

2020-04-22 -- Looking back

My recent experience at vCon helped the shared feeling come to light. A lot more renewal (and hope) than earlier estimation.

2020-04-21 -- Preparing remaining raw perishables today

should keep to about mid-May.

2020-04-20 -- Second (attended) vCon Day

though less-focused forums, presenters had a lot of material and attendees had a lot of questions. Worthwile endeavor.

2020-04-19 -- Virtual Con[ference]s

Some parts of both body and psyche felt the same after attending a virtualized conference. Some renewal, some exhaustion. Overall, great!

2020-04-18 -- Went Shopping

first in over a month. Things have changed. Read about it every day, but to see so much change all at once astounds. Have the impression many still go out quite often, flippant that.

2020-04-17 -- excited about new (to me) news

hope it works out to publish later in year

2020-04-16 -- Found a stash of dried cranberries

improving grains one tablespoon at a time.

2020-04-15 -- Ravages of Bitrot

While attempting to declutter my digital space, many old or ancient files have proven spotty or worse, despite reliable media storage.

2020-04-14 -- Not taking for granted

feeling well this morning. Natural wake, no alarm. Soaking in the moment.

2020-04-13 -- Regarding cancellations

A quote that, "our staffing is currently impacted by the worldwide health situation", means you should have made quitting from your website easier (requires fewer staff), not harder.

2020-04-12 -- Encyclopedia

volume "D": one of the first places to check when encounering a new set, for dinosaurs, as today's featured wikipedia Segnosaurus.

2020-04-11 -- regular things

changing on a weekly basis. sometimes daily.

2020-04-10 -- Taxes

done. whew.

2020-04-09 -- re: hi

couple days, missed you

2020-04-06 -- Masks

make your own or for others at ragmask.

2020-04-05 -- Between hot and cold

where air conditioning suffers identity crises on hourly basis. Comfy walks out of doors.

2020-04-02 -- Almost 100k overnight

reported numbers

2020-04-01 -- A little distraction - Crush

video in case you fall into the group of 7.496 billions who have not yet seen it [source YouTube - not an April Fool].

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