Shellbound archive ( September 2020 )

2020-09-29 -- Premature Obsolescence

describes a lot of abandoned products in this era.

2020-09-28 -- Market Analysis v Market Protection

Curious whether companies monitor services like e-bay more for IP concerns or "Wow!, people still want this product we stopped making."

2020-09-27 -- Late Entry

Updated yesterday today.

2020-09-26 -- So Cozy

I apparently slept through and missed a post.

2020-09-25 -- Cozy Rainy Day

Coffee and Music

2020-09-24 -- Camera Seating

All those empty seats at the stadiums should have cameras customers can purchase season tickets with cost varying by location. So empty.

2020-09-23 -- Urge to Explore

have not looked around much lately and want to seek and find and wonder.

2020-09-21 -- 'grats to 's Creek

Emmy Sweep

2020-09-20 -- Natural Cool

for the first time in over four months my living spaces cooled below my set temperature.

2020-09-19 -- the social dilemma

glad someone has said it. watch on netflix if you can. we need to stop bowing to algorithm teams for their profit.

2020-09-18 -- Habit Drift

feeling it lately

2020-09-17 -- Popcorn


2020-09-16 -- The Combat Jack Show

interview with Norman Lear covering Good Times, The Jeffersons, and All In The Family. [source: soundcloud]

2020-09-15 -- Keep Cooling

though not year-over-year, at least compared to last week.

2020-09-14 -- Skipped a post

and this one does not say much.

2020-09-12 -- Appreciating These Overcast Days

these friend clouds

2020-09-11 -- Rememberance

For two and thousands.

2020-09-10 -- 01-90-...

just kidding.

2020-09-08 -- A Break in Weather

for a few days. Nice.

2020-09-07 -- Items Aging Out of Support

grinds my gears.

2020-09-06 -- Night Mornings

feels like third shift

2020-09-05 -- Another Sleepless Night

too often

2020-09-04 -- Good to You

Well wishes

2020-09-03 -- Functions v Discrete Commands

whether to call out or perform local

2020-09-02 -- From TV to Streaming

TV has become radio as streaming takes up the relevency torch.

2020-09-01 -- Starting with a Fresh Baked Loaf

of sourdough bread. Good month so far.

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