Shellbound archive ( October 2020 )

2020-10-30 -- ssssSkip


2020-10-29 -- Tried Cold Brew Coffee

not commercial yet, first try at home ... and, well. It has some different flavors, but lacks the ones I like.

2020-10-28 -- Days and Nights Flipped

for sleep. At least days have cooled some.

2020-10-27 -- Another Habitual Skipped Day

fading fast

2020-10-25 -- Ugh

full stop

2020-10-24 -- Habitual Skipped Day


2020-10-22 -- Mute Might Matter

depends on degree of use

2020-10-21 -- Life Adjustments

During this year, most unanticipated.

2020-10-19 -- Missed Days

formed some gaps in months-passed daily entries. Need to fix this.

2020-10-17 -- Slipping a Bit of Old Routine

into this new routine.

2020-10-16 -- Marked Missed

another day skipped

2020-10-15 -- Wildfire Experience from YouTube

Meghan Hughes had to evacuate her home and her pets and tells that tale. Tremendous prevention from neighbors.

2020-10-14 -- Frequency of Use

To remain familiar, you have to use something almost every day. The day's length does not grow. You cannot remain familiar with a growing list of things indefinitely.

2020-10-13 -- Eyes

need more help than ever

2020-10-11 -- Late Entry

Some recovery after a stressful day.

2020-10-10 -- Pizza Dough

several kinds and techniques with babish [source youtube]

2020-10-09 -- Another Entire Day

late entry

2020-10-08 -- Flight

noun 1. the action or process of flying through the air.

2020-10-06 -- Refreshing Cool Air

long time coming

2020-10-04 -- Miss

Late Entry

2020-10-03 -- Only Three Days of October

so far

2020-10-02 -- Wear. A. Mask.

This. Matters.

2020-10-01 -- Today Octay

so far

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