Shellbound archive ( November 2020 )

2020-11-30 -- skip

like ... watched it go by.

2020-11-29 -- Switching and Porting

Don't cancel your service yet [via Whistleout]

2020-11-28 -- Asparagus

yes, please.

2020-11-27 -- Drift to Sleep

after a nice day.

2020-11-25 -- Isolation Bias

makes it seem like a lot of batteries dying. Time Compression.

2020-11-24 -- Heat Bubble

ending. Yea!

2020-11-23 -- Natural Light Preference

As the small window lets in more light during sunrise, the room LED mains light becomes annoying. No issue during twilight or later.

2020-11-22 -- Freezing Leftovers

reheat hits spot months later.

2020-11-21 -- Spontaneous Wash Day

clothes and whites. Mundane posts, right?

2020-11-20 -- The interior cooling

of the house has caught up with weather.

2020-11-19 -- Use a Fork

to spread jelly on crumpets (English muffins).

2020-11-18 -- Dehydrating

takes a long time doing it manually -- without a dedicated and specialized device.

2020-11-17 -- Short History of Flash

Though not an advocate, I will miss some of its legacy [source MetaFilter].

2020-11-16 -- Carts Filling


2020-11-15 -- Mid-month again

one more to go.

2020-11-14 -- Time Zorked

missed entry due to time zone.

2020-11-13 -- Leaks

brought on by constant Eta rain.

2020-11-12 -- End of Year Planning

Time to consider all those loose ends.

2020-11-11 -- ssssSkip

all the rain

2020-11-09 -- Save The Date

New Administration

2020-11-08 -- The World Bursts to Life

suddenly wonderful and vibrant. Peace.

2020-11-06 -- Soon Will Call

Just a few more hours.

2020-11-05 -- Count Continues

Every vote matters.

2020-11-04 -- Count Every One

Let the fact of the votes speak.

2020-11-03 -- U.S. Election Day

I doubt I could say anything notable compared to the mantle this day sets in January.

2020-11-02 -- Loving Cooler Days

autumn feeling official.

2020-11-01 -- Sean Connery

His character in Highlander reminded me of Corwin of Amber. RIP

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