Shellbound archive ( December 2020 )

2020-12-31 -- Goodbye 2020

Make sure the door hits your backside, making sure you leave.

2020-12-30 -- Note to Self

Write notes to Self. Remember has limited lifespan, while Written lasts as long as its paper and markings, even digitally endures as long as the device.

2020-12-29 -- Wolfwalkers

quite a ride. Something for everyone.

2020-12-28 -- smack dab in the middle

of the last holidays of this year.

2020-12-27 -- Heavy Frost

weather instead of skips.

2020-12-26 -- Nope

no snow.

2020-12-25 -- Possible Snow

maybe, maybe.

2020-12-24 -- Blizzard


2020-12-23 -- Zone Day

Had one yesterday, which felt good. Got stuff done. They need to last more than one day.

2020-12-22 -- Breakfast Soups

have a hold on me.

2020-12-21 -- Stamps

If you use them at all, keep some in your vehicle or in your carry. You know, to save you another early morning double back.

2020-12-20 -- Mind Fuzz

too often of late.

2020-12-19 -- Happy Holidays!

'tis the season.

2020-12-18 -- Soup and Cocoa Weather

or stew and tea.

2020-12-17 -- Last Days

this year falling away.

2020-12-16 -- Winter Border

freeze lines edging so close.

2020-12-15 -- To-Do List list

yeah, that bad.

2020-12-14 -- Loyalty Programs

Why do they need any information about you when you have expressed your loyalty to them by using these programs, cards, or other media reflected as a sale?

2020-12-13 -- Sleep

ran away with me.

2020-12-12 -- Taylor Makes

huge word clouds with her albums.

2020-12-11 -- You feel a bit bobble-headed with them on.

-- John Gruber on AirPods Max

2020-12-10 -- Early


2020-12-09 -- Last of Single Digit Dates

for 2020. Truly trivial.

2020-12-08 -- Warm Cup

and Free Time.

2020-12-07 -- Shout Out to Delivery Workers

this year will push their limits.

2020-12-06 -- Brisk Morning

coffee time.

2020-12-05 -- Pause

for a couple of days. No plans.

2020-12-04 -- Fresh Baked Cookie Season

almost everything about this process warms us amid chill and cold times.

2020-12-03 -- Extended Chill

looks like seasonal weather has arrived.

2020-12-02 -- Most Jumbled Month Transition

from N to D.

2020-12-01 -- November

not terrible, but nerve wracking.

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