Shellbound archive ( January 2021 )

2021-01-31 -- Goodbye January

thank you for a new start.

2021-01-30 -- noms Hacker Cookbook

the food kind. This kind of thing fascinates me. Community contributions.

2021-01-28 -- Early Morning

dusting of snow. Already gone.

2021-01-27 -- Where Winter Weather Wanders

We will watch.

2021-01-26 -- Rainy Edge of Snow Patterns

A half day-trip difference.

2021-01-25 -- Time Perception

Fast months and weeks. Slow afternoon hours. Fast morning hours. Slow minutes. Flash days. Each varies still beyond that.

2021-01-24 -- Past Ghosts

Even their conversations fade, if not cut outright.

2021-01-23 -- Personal Library

First, build one -- the books, not a building (unless you can of course). Make sure you eventually include that other major genre instead of letting a hole grow in your heart or mind.

2021-01-22 -- Future Watch

Amanda Gorman -- Light

2021-01-21 -- Exhale

Saw this as response a lot in the hours since US officially re-entered democracy in adult hands. And feel it. Breathe.


2021-01-20 -- See Change

All eyes on D.C.

2021-01-19 -- Tomorrow

cannot get here soon enough.

2021-01-18 -- MLK

for community today

2021-01-16 -- Lost Track

with all this distraction.

2021-01-15 -- Slow Day

more of these

2021-01-14 -- For Two


2021-01-12 -- As Yesterday, Today

regarding news. U.S. Government action - Legislative branch.

2021-01-11 -- Glued to News Today

hope this all pans out.

2021-01-10 -- Big Changes

happening all over the place. Good ones in wake of horrible actions. Let smoke clear and shed light.

2021-01-09 -- Blank of Blah

tomorrow maybe

2021-01-08 -- Secure v. Reasonably Secure

Binary v. Dated Spectrum -- and notice how one requires only one word while the other keeps adding descriptors to attempt accuracy.

2021-01-07 -- Officially Certified

amid chaos.

2021-01-06 -- Mental Clutter

takes the most energy to clear.

2021-01-05 -- Backups

not always enough.

2021-01-04 -- Cold Seeping In

the way of drafts.

2021-01-03 -- Long Weekend

realized that today. Ha! All this weird time compression and dialation.

2021-01-02 -- Sequential-Seque-ntial

just my date format.

2021-01-01 -- Happy New Year!

Welcome 2021.

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