Shellbound archive ( March 2021 )

2021-03-31 -- Goodbye March 2021

trip from winter to spring

2021-03-30 -- Mistaken Launching

Fixed a few local scripts to help prevent multiple, undesired starts. Fairly basic, but transformative.

2021-03-29 -- Concise

striving for lean writing with occasional fatty dessert

2021-03-28 -- Storms and Mornings

thunder tugging at dreams, pulling them away for spring

2021-03-27 -- Concise Tutorials

Faraday Academy offers well explained coding topics. Elsewhere channel-wise, Git and Github for Beginners - Crash Course serves as a good example. [source YouTube]

2021-03-26 -- Cringe That Lynda requires Linkedin

such a waste

2021-03-25 -- Reluctance to Move On

to new and ready devices and platforms.

2021-03-24 -- Oops!

Ha, Ha! ... ugh.

2021-03-23 -- Skip Fix

add replace

2021-03-22 -- Short Day


2021-03-21 -- Live Volcano Stream

from Iceland. [via blue]

2021-03-20 -- Late Start Morning

cushioned with hot chocolate

2021-03-18 -- Weekly Cooking Day

Takes effort to start. But, makes up for it in rewards for rest of week.

2021-03-17 -- Bright Spots in Darkness

keep looking for them

2021-03-16 -- Speech Notification

Instead of deciphering whatever that ubiquitous "ping" means.

2021-03-15 -- Time Adjustments

devices and psychology

2021-03-14 -- Sneaky DST

this one snuck up on me. Now my oven clock shows correct time.

2021-03-13 -- Weekend Wishes

take time out.

2021-03-12 -- Edit


2021-03-11 -- Good Mood

for couple of days. Take them where you can.

2021-03-10 -- Feed Your


2021-03-09 -- Add Mustard

to savory-sweet dishes. Not whole dish, but select bite or mouth full. Brings a nice contrast.

2021-03-08 -- IWD

International Women's Day

2021-03-07 -- Satisfying Stew

the usual case. And grateful for that.

2021-03-06 -- Once Problem Solved

during programming, it takes a lot to figure out how you got there anytime you get away from it.

2021-03-05 -- Old Habits Nev...

... fade

2021-03-04 -- Blank


2021-03-03 -- Reading Speed

and wishes of having improved this earlier.

2021-03-02 -- Wild Swings

of warm and cool

2021-03-01 -- March


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