Shellbound archive ( June 2021 )

2021-06-30 -- Obscure Finds

whenever you find something which took a lot of research -- only this advice matters "Write it down. Write it somewhere you will keep track."

2021-06-28 -- Good Week So Far

too soon

2021-06-27 -- Taking It Easy

real sleep followed with some relaxation

2021-06-26 -- Late Start

another advanced morning following a sourdough good rise and bake

2021-06-25 -- New Windows

available at some future date

2021-06-24 -- Dive Back Into Design

a must do for sanity's sake

2021-06-23 -- Wringing Shades

cloth based house shades could collect water in even light rain using a spread and wringing action

2021-06-22 -- During Rain

house shades take a lower and horizontal profile with a gentle grade collecting sky water for future lawn and garden use.

2021-06-21 -- House Shades

huge umbrella like sunlight dampeners offering shade to your whole house. With wind speed sensors to allow automatic folding and storage in high winds.

2021-06-20 -- Handwriting Tremor

near the end of a sentence or some words. It makes my physical journal effort difficult.

2021-06-19 -- Juneteenth

a good first step with a long path ahead.

2021-06-18 -- Full Effectiveness Day

done. Fully vaccinated and awaited.

2021-06-17 -- Thirty Years of PGP

a few days ago (June 6th) Philip Zimmermann marked the event with a post.

2021-06-16 -- Sleeping in Darkness

finding less time after sunset with eyes opened

2021-06-15 -- More Cover

bonus if transparent bowl so you can see how much moisture and condensation occurs

2021-06-14 -- Covers and Microwaves

Using a lower heat cycle (less than 100%) and a cover like an inverted bowl over your food item(s) creates a mini-conventional oven. Good for keeping items warm while you heat others.

2021-06-13 -- Kind of null

day today

2021-06-12 -- Dead Links

with no captures deflate an otherwise good day.

2021-06-11 -- Physical Media Mini-Journal

trying out an easy carry dotted notebook (A6)

2021-06-10 -- Good on Fastmail

not complying and removing business from bad government. [gleaned from MeFi]

2021-06-09 -- Looking Forward to Playdate and pulp

they also have their first accessory, a speaker dock. See it on this 17 minute update video.

2021-06-08 -- Playdate Video

today at 12 EDT indie game platform to announce [pre-]order availablility

2021-06-07 -- Whole Lot Starting Today

looking forward to this hectic week

2021-06-06 -- All Night Morning

worked out that way

2021-06-05 -- Rebrand to Distribution

these retail centers going under stand one step away from that already

2021-06-04 -- Looking Forward to Mask Optional Times

though wearing one in crowds will still win for me

2021-06-03 -- T-minus Today

two of two.

2021-06-02 -- T-minus 1d

then about three weeks

2021-06-01 -- Good June Morning

a start anyway

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