Shellbound archive ( July 2021 )

2021-07-31 -- July Final

time to move on

2021-07-30 -- Playdates Shop

Shipping in 2022 -- Shop

2021-07-29 -- Playdate Pre-Order

After 1 PM EDT - here

2021-07-28 -- Ugh, Heat.

trying to stay cool

2021-07-27 -- Social Networks

places to visit, not to stay. We have a long way to go for this reality, but we should get there, for all our sakes.

2021-07-26 -- Mixing Ohs and Zeros

watch your font

2021-07-25 -- Forced a Break

in my horrible sleep cycle. Hope it sticks.

2021-07-24 -- Kind of a Jumble

but watching the rest soon.

2021-07-23 -- New Lasso


2021-07-22 -- Missing Item

you left home to buy, but returned with fifteen other items.

2021-07-21 -- Only Once

unquote. Processes you only perform "once" you should keep track of most. As time goes by, they get harder to recall next time you NEED them in a crucial manner.

2021-07-20 -- Treat Each Link

as its last day -- or every time someone says "nothing ever goes away on Internet" a link destination dies.

2021-07-19 -- Reducing Complexity

digital life "spring cleaning" takes forever

2021-07-18 -- SaPMH pt. 2

also, nothing specific about tilde. It served as an example.

2021-07-17 -- Servers as Public Meeting Houses

tilde paradigm makes a great place for introductions and get-to-know-you, but peer-to-peer should bear the brunt of every social interaction after that


2021-07-16 -- Resource - Get a Lawyer

Metafilter wiki has collected starting point for legal consideration in your interest.

2021-07-15 -- Long Sleep

only an hour but, it felt like it hit all the right notes

2021-07-14 -- Anticidate

countries for destination shipping

2021-07-13 -- Spoiled by Mobile Automation

frustrating moving between enabled devices and wishful machines

2021-07-12 -- Craving and Caving

Made a meal staple which I usually sample before storing. Ate it mixed with another item. Fine, but still wanted that original flavor from a simple condiment. Until satisfied, craved.


2021-07-11 -- Task List Sandwich

without its bottom slice of bread

2021-07-10 -- Relaxed Enough

to dream during sleep and remember

2021-07-09 -- Rain Shopping

feels even more wet with a mask

2021-07-08 -- Day of Rain


2021-07-07 -- Relief


2021-07-06 -- Stomach Something

no good; ill

2021-07-05 -- This Year Brought Some Heavy BOOM Making Works

less like gunshots than past holidays

2021-07-04 -- PoP! Crackle! Sputter.

mind your pets

2021-07-03 -- this one slipped by

but went well

2021-07-02 -- Good Rain Soak

a few hours of pleasant sky water

2021-07-01 -- Heat Carryover

Looks like June gave July a head start. Please July, trip August. (for the team)

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