Shellbound archive ( September 2021 )

2021-09-30 -- Goodbye September

and all that heat.

2021-09-29 -- Story Tape

in units of two fifty-meter masking type rolls. Has centimeter measure points all along its length.

2021-09-28 -- Show Binge

and Wait

2021-09-27 -- Building Need

to make my own app

2021-09-26 -- Always Update ASAP

This policy has the MOST dependencies

2021-09-25 -- No Business

my biggest regret. not starting one.

2021-09-24 -- Foundation


2021-09-23 -- Foundation Tomorrow


2021-09-22 -- Exhausted

so much to do

2021-09-21 -- Hands-On Projects

Need to work on about ten projects which have assembly steps. Freeing projects.

2021-09-20 -- Clearing Active Storage

Need some retroactive storage clearing habits for my younger self to adopt.

2021-09-19 -- Foundation Series

Starts Friday

2021-09-18 -- Wading in To-Do

feels like making bed only to need it each night.

2021-09-17 -- Mood Management

If only we could schedule our moods as easily as we do tasks. Things do not even feel like work when you have the right mood (called attitude sometimes) to go with it.

2021-09-16 -- A Day

just that

2021-09-15 -- Second Wind

indicates where your normal sleep cycle resides

2021-09-14 -- Fruit Device News Today

maybe we will see some insight

2021-09-13 -- Nap Sleep and Full Sleep

(continuing with fatigue) Naps usually serve mental fatigue. Anyone suffering physical fatigue will attest to naps doing nearly nothing to help muscle exhaustion and overall stress.


2021-09-12 -- Mental v Physical Fatigue

In the form of a building fog, mental fatigue drives a need for a rebalancing sleep, if only for a moment. Physical fatigue tends to drag some portion of mental with it as it builds.


2021-09-11 -- Twenty Years

of division

2021-09-10 -- Overwake

Not sleeping in time to catch some ZZZs

2021-09-09 -- Shiiii

sound of tires on a wet road

2021-09-08 -- Cloud Cover

Multi-Owner Cloud Sync -- yes someone else's computer (server) but whose at this moment?

2021-09-07 -- Monday spelled T-u-e-s-d-a-y

AKA today

2021-09-06 -- Final Percent

feels so far away to project ending

2021-09-05 -- Data Basic

working with data at a simple unscalable level

2021-09-04 -- Zone Workflows and Processes

Find those fewest steps earning you efficient standardization.

2021-09-03 -- Learning and Relearning

When a fair gap of time divides intial absorbtion of concepts, the next acclimation of them has a different skill set surrounding their acceptance and perception.

2021-09-02 -- Cooling

cool, cool

2021-09-01 -- Fighting Wake Alarms

which hit right in middle of deep sleep

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