Shellbound archive ( February 2020 )

2020-02-28 -- Leap Day Eve

Merry Leap Day for those observing the event tomorrow by taking time away from Internet.

2020-02-27 -- Just to Play

Satisfaction starts at immersed participation. Naysayers willfully leave off that first part.

2020-02-26 -- Overwhelming Start

Forgetting to start small, take things slowly, build upon basic foundations, etc., keeps hitting hard.

2020-02-25 -- Eyes Drift Closed

for sleep most deep

2020-02-24 -- Departing Cold Days

last of the few for this first part of the year

2020-02-23 -- Punch Through Night

another sleepless one

2020-02-22 -- Quest 404

the search for wayback

2020-02-21 -- Fast Snow

in the time it took to eat take-out a light dusting of yard and full coverage of porch

2020-02-20 -- Feels Like Snow

Cold with a kind of dry damp

2020-02-19 -- Write Day

taking time; making time

2020-02-18 -- On The Ledge of Snooze

want just a little more time

2020-02-17 -- Home Cooked Code

Browsing metafilter gave me this [metafilter].

2020-02-16 -- let yourfavoritemusic=play

variables of life

2020-02-15 -- Avenues of Maturation

Not all roads lead to Rome's shadows.

2020-02-14 -- Trouble Aligning Memories with Years

discovered recently by this-event-could-not-have-happened-with-that-album-playing-in-background because said album had not released yet

2020-02-13 -- wherewithal

my lack thereof

2020-02-12 -- Rare Cup

sometimes a morning coffee tastes so delicious you wish it had no end

2020-02-11 -- Unlike This Delay

I don't want it.

2020-02-10 -- Parasite

made for a good Oscar night

2020-02-09 -- Pre-Coffee

Need a cup this morning

2020-02-08 -- Nice little dip

a return of cool weather

2020-02-07 -- Filesystem Database

because I have so little knowledge of the benefits DB offer over simple files. FSs have limited fields and limited permission constraints. Limited.

2020-02-06 -- Warm Patch

summer promises endless hot days and nights if this has any indication

2020-02-05 -- Long Tail Time

would feel so nice to piece together all bits of stray time into one long session of thing-you-want-to-spend-time-doing

2020-02-04 -- Still morning

slipping this in just under the wire

2020-02-03 -- Many drives

and still missing one item

2020-02-02 -- 02-02-2020

palindromes galore

2020-02-01 -- Groundhog Eve

looking cloudy by forecast

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