Shellbound archive ( May 2020 )

2020-05-30 -- missing morning

missed another day -- late catch

2020-05-29 -- F i a

r d y

2020-05-28 -- Rainy days and rainy nights

i mean lonely

2020-05-27 -- All This

A most instructive blog tackling occasional problems.

2020-05-25 -- Lazy Su..Monday

Maybe Someday

2020-05-24 -- Foods in untried* combinations

have proven surprisingly good finds. *for me.

2020-05-23 -- Letting things level


2020-05-22 -- must order coffee

low supply

2020-05-21 -- Oh MDT!

Yeah. Forgot about that. I do not know how many posts simply came in under the zone.

2020-05-20 -- For the thread

(I did not read the medium article) King Arthur flour related discussion. [SL metafilter]

2020-05-19 -- Reach out and touch fate

bone apple tea.

2020-05-18 -- Two things to clear up

1) I missed a few days posting here, and 2) four days flew by.

2020-05-17 -- missing morning

missed another day -- late catch

2020-05-16 -- Four Days Flight

Not in a plane but this personal spaceship, the ISOLATION.

2020-05-15 -- At the right temperature

you cannot feel water as you touch it. You sense its wetting after pulling away from a body of it and it starts evaporating.

2020-05-14 -- missing morning

missed another day -- late catch

2020-05-12 -- Six Syllables

nothing remarkable.

2020-05-11 -- Good Bread Day

good rise; good bake; good slice; partake.

2020-05-09 -- Long Chore

comprised of a bunch of little ones.

2020-05-08 -- Cleaning while Spring

taking the time and it feels so fresh.

2020-05-07 -- Temp Refresh

cool days.

2020-05-06 -- Sew scrubs from pattern

video tutorial

2020-05-05 -- hmm. odd publishing

missed a day

2020-05-04 -- Stay on the Light side

of popular culture.

2020-05-03 -- Nice PSA from Grey

about our spaceship lockdown.

2020-05-02 -- Write about it

the things you do. That helped some, like a plunger.

2020-05-01 -- Days clogged with things to do

stopping flow of creative juices.

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