Shellbound archive ( February 2021 )

2021-02-27 -- Last Few Cold Days

a few isolated cold nights remain

2021-02-26 -- Save Working Source

Regret not saving PGP 2.6.2 source code while open over two decades ago. Cannot find it anywhere now. Never trust that idealists will avoid selling their ideals.

2021-02-25 -- Definite Warming

of Spring

2021-02-23 -- Nice Day

pre-spring feel - cold but car warms in sunlight

2021-02-22 -- Last Week of February

as usual

2021-02-21 -- EOL

Support and Countdown

2021-02-20 -- Anticipating Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

first flights

2021-02-19 -- Number Five Successful Landing

Congratulations NASA

2021-02-18 -- Damp Cold

feels like the worst cold

2021-02-17 -- Hardening Water

fringe cold fronts

2021-02-16 -- Deep Cold Trough

drifting south

2021-02-15 -- Continuous Overcast Days

so coffee weather

2021-02-14 -- Amp el tee semicolon Three

for the whole class.

2021-02-13 -- Refactor[ing]

n. a process my code needs, applying an idealistic set of goals making it clean, clear, and concise, bearing a tall hurdle of procrastination over which to jump.

2021-02-12 -- Yesterday Just

did not happen for me. A day of recalibrating.

2021-02-11 -- Pressing Dreams

and cold sweat.

2021-02-10 -- Edit Mode

form loaded; ready to write...

2021-02-09 -- Connections

whether as distant as your antipode on Earth or as personal as your optic nerve, latency kills certainty and forces predictions.

2021-02-08 -- Freshly Baked Frost

careful of its burn

2021-02-07 -- Only Last Year

started many things in 2020 which I thought I had started much earlier and keep baffling at their dates.

2021-02-06 -- Fluffy Fingers

memories of The Office

2021-02-05 -- Early Late Start

Too early waking, then late morning nap.

2021-02-04 -- Recalibration Day

need for battery.

2021-02-03 -- Let's Not Do That Again

a reference to nothing.

2021-02-02 -- Skipped

instead of repeated.

2021-02-01 -- Coffee Days

overcast and chill

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