Shellbound archive ( May 2021 )

2021-05-30 -- Non-productive Day

not even cooking.

2021-05-29 -- Cozy Old Machine v Spiffy New Machine

migration while the old one still works ... takes some time.

2021-05-28 -- Stealth Sleep

snuck up on me a few hours ago for a good run.

2021-05-27 -- Fallen into Gemini

rabbit hole [from]

2021-05-26 -- Lost to Time

Except for failings of a search algorithm, sad that a great many shows and interviews have disappeared forever.

2021-05-25 -- Rough over No-Sleep

nights lead to late mornings over long days.

2021-05-24 -- Linux on save.ico

Floppy via

2021-05-23 -- Morning Coffee

moments of bliss

2021-05-22 -- Advertising Double-Down

If only a couple of these megacorporations would put unblockable advertisements increasing their frequency long enough to self-dev-null their existence from Internet.

2021-05-21 -- Similar Sounds of Language

almost like dialects or accents, when shifting between speaking one language to another, you might hear a marked vocal distinction tied to that language.

2021-05-20 -- Not All Designers

live free of obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

2021-05-19 -- Light and Deep Sleep

first with a dreamlike texture leaving you to sense everything around you, then sensing nothing or ignoring everything and a split second later -- awake.

2021-05-18 -- The Friendship Onion

Podcast with Billy and Dom "your favorite Hobbits", also on Youtube.

2021-05-17 -- Rest

as in food preparation. Leaving out rest steps will leave your taste buds lacking.

2021-05-16 -- Tired

so tired

2021-05-15 -- Learning Language Through New (to you) Languages

Setting your subtitles or closed-captioning to a language you have chosen to learn helps immerse you in that language while hearing your native language in the show.


2021-05-14 -- One Shot Down

one to go

2021-05-13 -- One


2021-05-12 -- Check for Orphans

When you sync multiple devices and one has gone out of date for some time, it might have orphan data which missed a vital sync.


2021-05-11 -- Praise for Morning Coffee

if only the second cup could taste as good as first

2021-05-10 -- Digging Deep

into a subject brings satisfying results most of the time. Internet enabling much of that. Discipline required.

2021-05-09 -- Need to Sleep

this one out

2021-05-08 -- Friday Cooking to Lend Weekend

some air

2021-05-07 -- Had a Good Day

out and about town

2021-05-06 -- Data Loss

comes in so many forms, backups notwithstanding.

2021-05-05 -- SigTakeOneforTeam

maybe many non-ad-dependent will do what Signal did then fbk will have to change course. wishful, but still. [sourced from]

2021-05-04 -- Gates Divorce

News of split gleaned from

2021-05-03 -- Modern CPU Architecture

and its ilk [SLmetafilter]

2021-05-02 -- Simplifier

some common or not so common tasks broken down into basic steps

2021-05-01 -- Heat Stress

makes me sleep late

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