Shellbound archive ( December 2021 )

2021-12-30 -- Prep for EoY Cleanup

only a few items to automate

2021-12-29 -- Double Sleep

cat naps during second half

2021-12-28 -- newring Proving Useful

until you hit a dead end page.

2021-12-27 -- Self Tracking

a desired feature if only decryptable by one -- myself.

2021-12-26 -- Over a Year Late Joining newring

but finding new rabbit and gopher holes all the time

2021-12-25 -- JWST Launch Success

Relevant XKCD

2021-12-24 -- Telescope Launch

Tomorrow with broadcast starting at 6 am EST

2021-12-23 -- Center Adjust

for alignment.

2021-12-22 -- Trying newring

see how it goes

2021-12-21 -- Congrats to deepend on successful site restore yesterday

all seems back to full operation.

2021-12-20 -- Hot Cuppa

with holiday spices

2021-12-19 -- EOY


2021-12-18 -- One Week


2021-12-17 -- Settling in for Holiday

sweets, spirits, and sounds.

2021-12-16 -- Hardened Decentralized Transactional

stuff of dreams

2021-12-15 -- Winter

carb loading. Okay Late Autumn.

2021-12-14 -- Realized Timezone Overlap

my local time vs. universal

2021-12-13 -- hmmm

oh (edited date, utc overlap)

2021-12-12 -- Give It One Hundred Years

today would look like 2121-12-12 -- a long wait for a palindrome.

2021-12-11 -- Shipping Costs

needs a market fund

2021-12-10 -- Away Debugging

get some distance between you and your code when something troublesome stays elusive too long

2021-12-08 -- Speed


2021-12-07 -- Soup

back on the menu

2021-12-06 -- Correction Backup

not archive from yesterday, making a backup on unused spare disks. Archives have a long life these could not fulfill.

2021-12-05 -- Cold Storage

or archiving on disks which standby for disk failures of online systems.

2021-12-04 -- Sticky Environments

The longer time spent away from initial installation, the worse having to rebuild or reinstall for said environment will grow. So you stick to them until they die.

2021-12-03 -- Productive Day

rare zone day

2021-12-02 -- 20211202

if you remove the dashes

2021-12-01 -- Computer Science for Everyone

This article reminds me of the free computer introduction we had at a Radio Shack when they had values. Though basic (also literally BASIC), it ignited the fire to dig deeper and get one.

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