welcome to ~if@tilde.club!

      I intend this place to be a space for stuff
      that's less microbloggy and more long-form.
      I like to think of myself as a fairly eclectic
      person, which hopefully is a good thing.

      a little info about me:
      - I use nixOS linux, emacs, fish shell, firefox
      - I'm very into customization
      - and aesthetics
      - and language
      - English is my first language, but I can read
      .. German pretty well for a foreigner, and sort of speak it
      - I like Neuromancer, Dorohedoro,  and Akira
      - my programming languages of choice are Haskell and Ruby,
      .. but I also use Rust and C and hope to get better at Clojure and Elixir
      - I've yet to enter university, so my computer skills are wrought
      .. from self-education and thus pretty patchy/janky
      - I use they/them pronouns

      - I'm if@tilde.zone on fedi
      - personal philosophy ie absolute trash
      - reviews of random things
      - trash shell development blog
      - essays

      ~I'd put webring links here but that would ruin the aesthetic~