In Focus
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Let's throw these on the light board and see what we've got, shall we? You can click on any image on this page to see its entry in my portfolio, or you can choose directly from the table of contents below.

Page 1: Jen & Bear-It's amazing he didn't crack a smile

Page 2: Tootsie Roll-A suggestive Tootsie Roll advertisement

Page 3: Caress-The medicine man who walks with the spirits

Page 4: Nick-Scary makeup and all

Page 5: Louie-Louie the Lumberjack: Real person or not?

Page 6: Gisella & Procto-A beautiful woman... with puppet

Page 7: Carrie-An early photo, but I still like it

Page 8: Jerome-A model among the ruins of Jerome, Arizona

Page 9: Ray's Barber Shop-Best haircuts in Northern Arizona

Page 10: Jennifer-Strikingly beautiful

Page 11: Jen-Curvey, but not curvacious

Page 12: Shane-Stunning lighting for a stunning model

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In Focus