File name: pbarber.jpg

This is Ray's Barber Shop in Flagstaff, Arizona. Open for over 60 years, Ray's has never once advertised, relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising to bring in customers. I think that's why they were so willing to allow me to do a shoot there (there ya go, guys: Free publicity).

I decided to shoot the picture through the barber's mirror for a couple of reasons. First of all, the mirror is a tool of the trade, and it seemed appropriate to include it in the picture somehow. Secondly, the barber shop is very, very small and shooting through a mirror provided not only greater distance between the lens and the subject, but also a greater possibility for camera angles.

People who see this photo generally have one of two reactions. They either say, "Hey, it looks like a military barber," or they say, "Hey, it looks like some sort of 1950s barber shop."

"Yeah," I always say. "It does."

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