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A long day


It's been a long day. Was up late last night replacing bad light switches and cleaning up the last bit of garbage in our townhouse. In bed around 2 AM and sure enough the kids both woke up as early as possible.

Get to work and the wife texts, our daughter was running around and took a dive off the couch and landed on her head. First concussion at age 2. Great timing with her ear surgery a few weeks ago and our new house filled with boxes and no place to play.

Tonight we have a quick deployment for work, dinner and then its back to remove fixtures we wanna keep. Most nights I only sleep a few hours but there is something about running up and down stairs 100 times all night long that is slowly killing me. But after tonight its done. Whatever we missed is gone forever.

Oh and I uploaded the code for this site to my git repo. More info is available here. So if you want a tilde with the world's most basic framework then here you go.