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First Home Repair, Part 1


So where was I...

Yesterday as I was heading out for work I found that our refrigerator sprung a leak. After further investigation it looks like the leak had been going on for a day or two so cleanup was going to be more of a pain. We bought a dehumidifier and started at getting the place dried out. Once the basement was doing its thing we noticed that there was a damp spot in the kid's room that shares a wall with the kitchen. Bought a inspection camera and tried to see if there was an issue under the carpet. Yep, so we pulled it back to find that water was between the floor boards and the sub floor. Out goes that carpet. Downstairs we noticed a similar issue in the hallway that shares a wall with the storage room with the water. Pulled that back and found that all the padding was soaked.

The plan is now to replace the sub floor and install laminate flooring in the bedroom to match the master and the rest of the upstairs. Downstairs we will just replace the padding as the carpet seems in good condition and is fully dried out. We will do the downstairs first as it requires less work and the upstairs we will need to buy flooring and let it acclimate before we do the install.

I have a fun few weekends ahead of me.