These t-shirts don't fit me.

Here is some stuff

DPLA schwag in royal blue

Anvil (women's?) M

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I LIKE MACHINES. T-shirt from American Precision Museum (logo on back)

Hanes Beefy Mens's Small

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SIMMONS t-shirt. Library school? Other school? Who knows!

Yikes! (men's) M?

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MC Frontalot! I supported this Kickstarter. The shirt was supposed to be orange but wound up silver. It's great but too long.

Bella Women's L

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Special Snowflake on front, MeFi logo on back.

Royal Apparel M

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One almost like it worn to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, this t-shirt is practically an antique. Pre-Google Blogger t-shirt.

Bella Women's Medium (runs small)

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From the Library of BLOODHAG. This amazing band was doing library music before Harry and the Potters. Reverse: "The faster you go DEAF the more time you have to READ"

Hanes Beefy, M

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I have a lot of extra t-shirts. I have enjoyed having them but it's time to let other people share the love. Mixed sized, mixed newnesses.

Trust me, I have kept some of them too. Everything is ten bucks. Price includes shipping. Ship to US only. Shipped in time for holidays.

Also there is this (for a 4S). It is $5.

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That's it.