Please watch After Last Season

April 15, 2020

I found out about the 2009 film After Last Season (dir. Mark Region) when I clicked on a random trailer on IMDB a few years ago. I think it pretty much speaks for itself. "No it doesn't????" you may say. I assure you, it does. It is possible people in the past have tried to get you to watch "so bad it's good" movies, or maybe you are a fan of such movies, and try to get others to watch them with you. After Last Season is not such a movie. After Last Season is a Beckett play about Windows XP screensavers. It is a lint roller for the stray fibers of your sanity. It is the audience and you are the one who is "so bad it's good."

Please watch it. I need you to feel what I have felt. If that link is dead, message me and I'll send you the magnet link.

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