I implemented capture go in PuzzleScript

April 11, 2020

It's here.

PuzzleScript is a tool made by Stephen Lavelle that lets you make Stephen Lavelle-style sokoban variants. It was released in 2013 and using it to actually make a game feels like playing a Stephen Lavelle game. In a good way. Nevertheless, people do make games with it. The Google Groups forum is fairly active, and the word that I'd use to describe most of what gets made would be "clever."

My game's not clever. For one thing it's an adaptation of an existing game, and for another it's a two-player board game shoved into a one-player puzzle engine. Find someone to play hot-seat with. It's like 9x9 go, but the winner is the first person to capture stones. Suicide moves are allowed, like in New Zealand rules, because it was easier to program.

You can tell the quarantine's fucking me up because I'm actually completing projects, albeit small ones.

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