There was a stack of pizza boxes in my room in the corner

May 6, 2021

A couple days ago the cat started messing with something over there. Last night I was hearing scratching noises, so of course it's a mouse. I checked today and a mouse had its back leg caugh in the plastic teeth of a mousetrap I had put there months ago. It was alive, and had chewed the insulation off 6 or so inches of the router's power cable. With a dishcloth I carefully picked up the trap and the mouse, which stared at me with its small, black eyes. I took it outside to some grass near a shed across the alleyway and let the mouse free to limp away.

Out there, crippled and seperated from its comrades and known food sources, there's a good chance it's already dead. My fault for placing the trap. Obviously I threw out the pizza boxes.

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