list of non-awful youtubers

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new to youtube? need to find some good content to keep you sane during quarantine? need to find some wholesome videos to show your relatives? this list has you covered. please enjoy this big fuckin page of youtubers who don't stupid.
This list will never be complete, but you can send me suggestions for this list by sending an email to, please include "!feedback" in the subject line so your message gets filed under the right folder. thanks!


this list is sorted in order of me thinking of them



Be Careful! a large majority of gaming youtubers are oriented at young-ish children, and try to lure them in with over-sensationalised thumbnails and titles and generally aren't a great watching experience for anyone over the age of 5. (a few of them also tend to advertise scams and gambling sites to children and usually teach them some very bad morals.) You'll want to steer clear of creators that use excessive buzzwords in their titles and seizure-inducing colours in their thumbnails. /PSA
Actually entertaining
(really) Good at what they play
Video game essayists