About me

Navi specs

My current laptop is a dell latitude e6230 running openbsd. It also has a yellow "ME disabled" sticker inside of it. I don't know it that means I'm botnet free or if just the ATM was turned off.


My hobbies are computers,security browsing imageboards (really just lainchan at this point),eletric bass and anime. I'd like to get into film photography one day and programming in C.


Anime:Gantz or FLCL

Book:Roadside Picnic




Shortterm:I'd like to learn C and improve my overall security, and start working out.

Midterm:I'd like to totally revamp how I use a computer. I want to use it solely as a tool. I might even ditch the gui enirely, who knows.

Longterm:Become an overall better person. Comepletely escape the botnet. Stop my little brother from becoming a manchild. Become a famous bass player. Start a micronation. Die cool.

Political views

On the political compass I'm like exactly auth center so take that as you will (I'm not a nazi lol)