Trade at Marawah island

  1. Marawah island is located in the Middle East, south of Abu Dhabi, around 100 kilometers away from it. It is 20 kilometers from the nearest point of land.
  2. Pots were found, showing that Mesopotamia traded with the people on Marawah Island.
  3. A pearl.
  4. It was the oldest pearl found.
  5. The pearl being found in the UAE shows that pearls were being sought after long ago, and the fact that many pearls were found in historical buildings in Abu Dhabi further reinforces this point.
  6. Pearls are formed when an irritation (like sand) finds it's way into a clam or an oyster. A fluid is secreted to cover this grain of sand, and eventually a pearl forms from all the layers of fluid.

Author: Matei Cotocel

Created: 2021-11-13 Sat 19:35