Happy birthday,
🎉 Scott _____! 🎉

Hey Scott. Congrats on getting to 19! Just think about all the cars and pandemics and annoying people you had to dodge to get here! I'm glad you ended up at Emory with us, and I hope you have a great final year of teen-ager-hood. Enjoy your day-after birthday. 🥳

This is my birthday card, because I'm a nerd. Since you haven't given me your last name, you can click and edit the blank spot to insert it yourself (this only gets stored on your browser btw. I dont see it).

Also, this is a live webpage. Think about it. Anybody can see it. It's still pretty new, but in a few weeks, google will get around to putting it in it's search engine, and eventually anybody who looks up scott's birthday will find this. In fact, since you probably opened this in chrome, they're probably doing it as you read ;). Happy Birthday.